Who We Are


Sarah Gray

Sarah is a web & iPhone developer who wrote the original version of this app a few years ago, to work through a tumultuous relationship. She came to technology via theater directing when she began building performance installations that integrated video and internet components. She has an MPS from Tisch School of the Arts' ITP program, and loves prototyping ideas to prove it.

She worked as a web coder for many startups and small businesses for a decade, and has been bootstrapping her life since 2010. You can learn more about her at fabled net and contact her at sarah@mercuryapp.com. She's super excited about the next top-secret project with Daniel.


Daniel Stanford

Daniel Stanford is a graphic designer, writer, typography nerd, and recovering Actionscript programmer. He holds an MFA in interactive design and game development from the Savannah College of Art and Design and has several pairs of thick-framed, trendy glasses to prove it.

When he's not in Sarah's living room working on Should I Break Up with My Boyfriend?, he can be found in Sarah's living room, dreaming up ideas for other apps that improve people's lives. Samples of his work can be viewed at his infrequently updated portfolio . Fan mail and requests for his killer rum punch recipe can be sent to daniel@danielstanford.com.


Music by: Vertigo Whales

Say the Whales: "Creating, curating, innovating, procreating and incubating paradoxical gems of the human consciousness; hurling each one like apes at the Global conversation." You can find more information about the band here or listen to some of their sounds here . "Consider the following equation: (Stream + Download) x (Give away to people you think would like it) = Good + Great"